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Management Messages


Mrs. C.M. Patel (Director Manager)

To start school is an easy job but a million dollar question is how to plan and execute scheme of model education which will inculcate in the students a strong character, qualities to face life and to develop physical, mental, cultural and spiritual qualities. Ideal education aims at helping child to find the right path of life and moulding him/her for an excellent living. With a vision to usher in sustainable social transformation, Late D.R. Patel laid the foundation of Little Flowers Education Society and L.F.P.S. in 1975. He changed the lives of the children of Trans-Yamuna area by establishing this ideal school for preparing ideal students. He has left behind a strong footprint of self-reliance and nation building who initiated innovative academic programmes for the betterment of students.

School Management is working for all round development of mind, body and spirit and builds personalities of students on these lines in school teachings. Excellent administration is responsible for outstanding laurels and achievements in Science, Engineering, Computer Science and Commerce faculties. School has been achieving almost 100% results in C.B.S.E. X & XII Exams and also thousands of distinctions, hundreds of merits in them. Our school students got State Awards and topped results all these years. Marvellous achievements in all fields of education made this institution most sought after and recognized as one of the prestigious and leading institutions in Capital of India Delhi. Administration endeavours and promises meaningful education to face “challenges in the 21st Century” and to nurture basic values of life, disciplined and caring citizens who can lead the country in future.

We, the School Society and School Management are thankfulto you for entrusting the education of your wards to us. We assure you that we will make all possible efforts to come up to your expectations and provide global education to the students. It is promise that the legacy of D.R. Patel will continue and the school will achieve the higher goals of expansion and growth.

Smt. C. M. Patel


Message from the Chairman of School

Sh. P. K. Jayna (School Chairman)

The world has changed dramatically over the advent of the Twenty First Century. Life has become more complex,  more stressful and more demanding . We all face challenges and problems in our day-today lives and to overcome them successfully and courageously, apart from firm determination we require the assistance of some mechanism to resolve the issues. Thus, it had become imperative that our school also provide such medium to transmit information it has for the benefit of one and all.

The cardinal principle, on which the school was founded in the year 1975 by the founder president Shri D.R.Patel and Madam C.M.Patel, being “EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION” - not merely academic excellences but in every sphere of life. Our aim, all along has not only been to develop the total personality of a child but also to transform him into a caring, collaborative and cultured individual so that he becomes a responsible citizen of the society and a valuable asset to the nation. After all from amongst these TINY TOTS the leaders and the pillars of the nation will spring-up tomorrow.

Each one of us has to perform our entrusted duty in the sphere of life in which we have been placed. Devotion to duty without attachment or desire of reward should be the aim of our lives.

May God bless each one of the LITTLE FLORIANS.

P. K. Jayna

Chairman of School

Message from the Principal of School

Ms. Neeta Dua (Principal)

School plays an important role in nurturing dreams of young children. Our school conducts innumerable co-scholastic activities along with healthy competitions. Late Sh. D.R. Patel had given more attention to raise the aspirations of children and ignited their imagination. As an eminent Educationist and Psychologist, he was the ultimate solution for many problems of the institution. People like him awake us to a new understanding with their wisdom. They stay in our lives forever and leave impression in our hearts. To realize his dreams, the school has introduced an innovative approach involving a balanced mix of classroom teaching with audio-visual aids. Every child is provided individual attention and close supervision. The school focuses on all-around development of a child’s personality including aesthetic and moral values, emotional integration and communication skills. Smart Classes have already been introduced and the students are learning through internationally acclaimed methodologies.

Dear Parent, you should always listen to what your child wants to talk about. You should take active interest in their lives. Your attentive listening, empathy and understanding will encourage them to confide in you. You should spare time to discover, analyse and support your child's dream. School diary is an effective medium of liaison between parents and teachers. It is the best way to keep the parents apprised of the progress of their children in the school. If this almanac is made an effective link between parents and teachers, parents will be the first teachers and the teachers will be second parents.

With a balanced blend of commitment, diligence and sincerity, we shall strive to provide the best education to our students because I believe that the quality of education will determine the destiny of the nation.

I,along with my dedicated team, intend to build on this strong foundation and raise the standards of school in all spheres.

Sincerely Yours

Ms. Neeta Dua (Principal)