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Our Aims
  • To impart integrated and comprehensive education which is formative not merely informative.
  • To shape and mould child for successful living.
  • To light in the little ones the flame of knowledge.
  • To create in them ability of creativeness and desire to learn and to know all the things of universe.
  • To lead the little ones from darkness to light.
  • To build power and strength in our students to remain ahead of others in the race of life.
  • To provide sound learning and building of good moral character of children and youth.
  • To bring about all-round development of the child to become better citizens of future.
  • To build solid base of students by imparting physical education through games and sports to have healthy mind in healthy body.
  • To enhance logical and holistic development.
  • To develop child’s individual skills, interest, attitudes and motivation.
  • To help students to respond to different situation and opportunities both in and out of school.